Wooden Industrial Table

Because the dining room is the hub of home entertaining, finding the right dining table to accommodate family and friends is a worthy investment. A good table can last decades — it can even be passed down from generation to generation. Besides being above all practical, a dining table also sets the overall industrial mood […]

Wooden Dj Table

I have a similar shelf which I have abandoned in my self storage that I thought wouldn’t be of any use to me currently. However, this instructable looks exciting even though I am not entirely into DJ-ing but I think I could build something similar to this for my stereo or as a media console […]

Rustic Wooden Table

TablesTables are both decorative and functional, making them essential pieces for your home. Many families gather around the table to share a meal, and you can make that more comfortable and convenient with the right table. No matter if you prefer to eat in the kitchen or the dining room, you’ll find a large selection […]

Wooden Bedside Table

Sell on Houzz – Learn MoreWhat size should my nightstands be?Nightstands are by nature fairly small, though the height can vary substantially. A too short or too tall nightstand is both uncomfortable to use and awkward looking when placed next to a taller (or shorter) bed. Look for a bedside table that’s within a few […]

How Do You Paint A Wooden Table

Instructions Prepare the Surfaces for Painting Step 1 Remove the drawers, loose shelves, and hardware. If you want to paint the interior, remove the back, if possible. Repair any loose joints and putty dinged or damaged areas. Sand dried putty with a 220-grit sponge. Good to KnowIf you see screws on the inside front of […]