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The Farm Fresh Program brought to you by A Local Table

A unique way to buy produce at its peak ripeness each week and have it delivered right to your door

Starting back up in June 2015!

In partnership with local Utah farms such as Tagge's Farm, Ranui Gardens and others, we will find out when the best produce will be available throughout the season (June – October). We will only feature the produce that is at its peak ripeness to sell to our loyal customers. If you order a week in advance, we will deliver it the following Wednesday between 5p & 6p right to your door. Timing may vary and the offer may be available for one day or two weeks so be sure to check the delivery date on the product description below.

And that’s not all. We will pair that produce with a locally made cheese or other gourmet food that will offer a nice complement. Depending on the pairing, a recipe may also be included to help you use those ingredients to their fullest.

Some potential food pairings are:

· Vine-ripened tomatoes with parmesan-style cheese

· Feta with hand-picked corn on the cob

· Fresh goat cheese with cherries

· Crisp apples with aged white cheddar

· Soft brie-style cheese with juicy peaches

The Farmer Fresh Program is a great option for busy people who like to have the freshest foods possible. It is also a nice gift for a friend, family member or colleague who has equally discerning taste in food. Think of it as the gift that keeps on giving all season long.

Pricing and availability will vary each week so please come back to our website often, like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for weekly updates.